3I3Signature is a brand

which gathers all aspects of the aerospace world. It symbolizes what is remarkable, the elite, the adventure and the passion that inhabit our universe.
3I3Signature is the brand that embodies the Aerospace identity.

Our Speakers

Selected by the 3I3Signature committee, they all are experts in their field of competence. This selective process is a guarantee of quality. More than just a conference, it is a unique moment you will spend with them.
A certificate proving your participation, will be handed over to you, signed by the speaker, who will also happily give you the 3I3Signature patch. Depending on the conference, you will also be offered a 3I3Signature co-branded object.

Our fabulous moments

We are offering you the possibility to live Aerospace sensations through unforgettable moments such as a ZERO-G flight, a suborbital flight, or other similar experiences…!! Come and see.

Our gift Shop

The 3I3Signature label is affixed on all of our articles, luxury objects, capable of making you dream and accompany you everywhere, for example: a connected cabin suitcase, a true pilot watch, aviator glasses, high tech jacket (astronaut-like), etc. From everyday life objects to the most tremendous ones, the travel connotation will make you want to take the sky road…
In our shop, you will easily find a way to make the aerospace universe your own and acquire a distinctive emblem of our community. Whether you are a professional of this field (pilot, flight crew, air traffic controller, OEM or Tier-N employee, journalist, consultant or expert) or simply passionate by this universe, these 3i3Signature labeled objects, co-branded with a luxury brand, will allow you to better distinguish yourself.


3i3Signature has a privileged relationship with the 3i3s association

3i3s is an international association (under the French law of 1901) that has been promoting Aerospace applications for more than 10 years. It targets three main objectives:
1 1. GATHER: It deals with a microcosm with more than 3,000 members. The “petits déjeuner 3i3s” (breakfasts) welcome well-known personalities of the Aerospace industry and bring together different people of the sector.
2 2. SHARE: The association aims to become a place to inform, popularize knowledge to the public and share ideas. It is also a pedagogical showcase and it collaborates with more than 28 schools across Europe.
3 3. ACHIEVE: Throughout humanitarian actions, 3i3s redistributes technological donations to NGOs and humanitarian or social goal-oriented associations. We encourage you to visit their website and join membership: www.3i3S.com

Co-branded items

Welcome to our online gift shop! You will now be able to own a piece of the aerospace sector.
3i3Signature is offering you items, co-branded with world-class reputation brands, all listed in a catalog that we will let you run through…
Our goal: Make you find out about luxury and exceptional items to make you reach the stars.
For instance, our jackets are all manufactured within the purest aerospace tradition. Handed over with a certificate, they are numbered and/or customized with the 3i3Signature badge or brooch.
We can also, on your request, customize it to your name or make it signed by the astronaut or the pilot of your dreams…
Other exceptional articles are already online or about to be, perpetrating the same spirit, symbols of luxury and elite of our community.
Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.
We remain at your disposal

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The speakers

With3i3Signature, you have access to a unique portal in Europe. It will help you select the speaker that you have always wanted to talk to and dreamt of meeting.
The 3i3Signature committee, selected for you what is best in our universe: the cream of the speaker from the sector.
Our speakers are all professional in their domains. Find out about their career and the lectures they offer. They can also propose customized lectures.
We can elaborate with you the setting that you wish to have depending on your requirements: length of the lecture (from the hour to a full day), content, place, logistics, etc.
3i3Signature brings its personal touch by offering to each participant a 3i3Signature a branded object.
Do not hesitate to contact us. From simply putting you in contact with someone to setting up a full seminar or even a training program, we are offering a quality of service that will meet your expectations.

3i3Signature : C’est une large palette d’offres que vous allez découvrir en commençant par un vol en simulateur , en continuant par un baptême de l’air dans l’aéronefs de votre choix ( ULM – Ballon – avion – hélicoptère- etc …)

Des vols à sensations comme dans un avions chasse où même un vol à G-ZERO. Nous serons très bientôt en mesure également de vous proposer des vols suborbitaux. Nous pouvons également vous proposer des voyages complets pour des visites mythiques ( Port Spatial , spatioport ,astroport , cosmodrome ) ,les plus célèbres Kourou en Guyane Française – Cap Canaveral aux USA – Cosmodrome de Dombarovski…etc

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