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In a world where the limits of innovation are constantly being pushed back, people like Philippe Boissat are beacons of inspiration. With a career spanning more than 25 years in prestigious companies in the fields of space, aerospace, and telecommunications engineering, Philippe’s career illustrates the fusion of passion, expertise, and a deep commitment to making our planet a better place for future  generations.

As CEO and founder of 3i3 Signature LLC, Philippe is not just a leader, he’s a visionary. His mission is clear and unwavering: to harness the unlimited potential of NewSpace, the emerging private space industry, and put it to work for humanity. Philippe’s day-to-day work doesn’t feel like a job; it’s a pleasure and a privilege to contribute to such a transformative field.

At the heart of Philippe’s responsibilities and expertise is a deep understanding of aeronautics, with a particular focus on NewSpace and NewAviation. His career with renowned organizations such as Alcatel, Nortel Telecom, and IBM, has given him invaluable skills and experience in the telecommunications sector. Philippe was also one of the pioneers of space applications at Satellite Operators SES and EUTELSAT, where, since 2001, he worked to bring the Internet via satellite. In addition, Philippe is a telecom engineer and aircraft pilot with a wealth of experience in the French Air Force and Space Army. He as decorated with the medal of French Aeronautics and currently serves as a reserve officer in the French Air Force and Space Army.

Founded in 2022, 3i3 Signature LLC embodies Philippe’s vision and dedication to NewSpace, NewAviation, aeronautics, and space activities. Based in the dynamic city of Miami, Florida, this consulting company carries a unique distinction: it’s also a luxury brand exclusively reserved for the aerospace sector. Philippe and his team’s mission is to guide and support new entrepreneurs venturing into the aerospace sector, a field renowned for its complexity and challenges.

Observing the Earth from space has never been so crucial to the health of our planet and our collective future. Philippe recognizes the importance of satellite applications in addressing ecological challenges and ensuring the well-being of humankind. Contrary to popular belief, the aerospace industry is evolving, with environmentally friendly practices at its core. Jeff Bezos’ hydrogen-powered rocket, for example, demonstrates a commitment to sustainable energy sources rather than traditional petroleum-based fuels.

In a world where the intersection of technology, sustainability and innovation is key to our future, people like Philippe Boissat and organizations like 3i3 Signature LLC are leading the way. As we look to the stars, let’s not forget the profound impact we can have right here on Earth, and let Philippe’s passion and dedication inspire us to reach new heights for the benefit of all humanity.


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