I could observe that almost all the universes federate under a brand. HERMES for the horse – LA COSTE for the Tennis – BELL & ROSS for the Aeronautics – etc. . Also I dream to federate the world of NewSpace and also NewAviation with the brand 3i3Signature . The goal is to federate the brands that feel they are part of this universe to co-brand with 3i3Signature their product if possible in an elitist approach of luxury the ideal being to have numbered pieces to increase the privilege to own them.

The logo of 3i3Signature can take different appearance either in fabrics embroidered with silver thread or in metal to adapt to the various supports. The clothes and accessories are the first of the list. Indeed Tee Shirt – Caps – Bags – Jackets – are ideal products to convey a brand.

We already have a number of partners who have opted for this co-branding, you can discover them below

The idea is to redirect you to their merchant site and place an order with the 3i3Signature co-branding option.



The logo has been built by taking its origin on the association of 3i3S created in 2005 in Paris France. The wings are to address the NewAviation part and the window of a spaceship is for the NewSpace part.  It is a distinctive sign very federative which will allow to identify you as a member of this family of this prestigious community

In the picture it’s the patch version and  the metallic version, you will be the first to know This version will be in the form of pins and even to be glued on some products


You have a product which you think is eligible to our universe come to present it to us we will be delighted to study with you a co-branding The Aerospace is a vast universe which includes the voyage in plane Nothing of better than to have specific accessories to this universe. Glasses, caps, luggage, watches, bracelets, clothes, umbrellas, wines, spirits, chocolates, knives, etc… the list is endless. Thank you for contacting us to submit your products limited and numbered series are also very popular.



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The sport chic brand ARISTOW, from the Greek aristo “best” was not chosen at random because of the prestigious image it conveys. By imposing an innovative concept, a unique and original design, ARISTOW breaks the codes of luxury, defying trends by adopting a timeless, timeless and refined style.

Sport allows us to transcend ourselves, to be a vector of solidarity and shared passion par excellence. ARISTOW is for all those who love sport, in its noblest but also in its most elegant form.

Aristow is above all: a unique typography and logo according to the chosen sport, the quality of the materials, the attention to detail, a style adapted to all ages, models made with all the French know-how.

Adopting the Aristow style is first of all choosing the quality of a top-of-the-range line, chic and refined, – Thank you for co-branding with the 3i3Signature logo



The design of the jacket takes inspiration from the classic spacesuit and offers many technical features as well as excellent protection from the elements . The exterior of the jacket is made from a unique trilobal fiber which is both waterproof and light-reflecting, while a powder skirt makes the jacket fully mountain proof. The hood includes built-in speakers, controllable via Bluetooth® or via the integrated remote on your sleeve which also allows you to effortlessly control your phone. A RECCO avalanche reflector is added for your safety. The jacket comes with a special SPACELIFE ambassadors kit, containing various space-inspired accessories. Thank you for co-branding it with the 3i3Signature logo


Designed in collaboration with a physiotherapist who has been practicing for forty years in Paris, the Cosifly is intended for anyone concerned about the well-being of their back, in a seated or semi-recumbent position. Thank you for co-branding it with the 3i3Signature logo